SCP: First Contact

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[Reformatted to VHS for security purposes pertaining to SCP-REDACTED]

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Kruger - XenoblazeVA
Ross - FairfieldFencer
Hamilton - J80Kar
Graham - Bradley Gareth
McMann - Jerry Freeman
Quinn - Anax of Rhodes
MTF Beta-7 - Evan Royalty
Scientist - StephanieSwanQuills
Fields - General Resh

Honorable Mentions:
Frank Rosati
Austin Rearden

Russian Subs by: MehanikLelik/AgentRedacted

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Lore stuff I wrote for this:

Task Force Omega Orange is comprised of Persons Indicted for War Crimes, who now serve the SCP Foundation in special operations. Their primary function includes entering areas of seemingly low value, and as first-contact teams for SCPs not yet developed by the foundation. Little consideration of their safety, workplace conditions, or well being, is ever taken. They do however specialize in high-risk operations that would otherwise be deemed too risky for other MTF units, making them both highly skilled, but also highly disposable.

Most are recruited out of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and can include all branches of US military special operations, most often including but not limited to: former MARSOC, Special Forces, 1st SFOD-D, and Navy SEALS. Plans to recruit from other countries are in place, but will not take effect until after the unit has exited its experimental trials.

Most lower-sentenced detainees will not see reason to sign up, as they do not stand to benefit, and most death-row inmates are seen by both the US government and the Foundation as too unreliable for service, so most recruits are usually somewhere in between, often consisting of deserters, thieves, smugglers, murderers, and mutineers.

Those in task force Omega Orange are not however, seen as utterly condemned, as they can win back their freedom from an individual service contract negotiated between the Foundation, and the US Government. Most service contracts can include the redaction of post-detention restrictions, in order to better encourage recruitment. To maintain security, a non-negotiable clause within every contract demands that all members be micro-chipped for the duration of their service.

In spite of their reputation, most unit members behave professionally, following their contracts to the letter in hopes of one day regaining their status as free Americans. However, some exceptions are known to occur within the unit, making them for the most part, professionally unpredictable.

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